Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Potties and Seats : BABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer - White/Black

My daughter started with the Baby Bjorn stand alone potty seat - which was great when she was just getting started with the idea of using a potty. She quickly became too tall to use the stand alone potty seat, so I ordered this Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer and it has been fantastic. She quickly learned how to put the seat on the toilet herself and adjust the wheel to make it snug. It was also easy for her to remove and hang on a small butterfly doorknob my husband attached to the side of the sink cabinet. The seat gave her a great sense of independence and allowed her to be comfortable and secure while learning to use the big potty.

It is also great for traveling. I would put it in a zippered canvas tote and carry it with us into rest areas (it really does fit any toilet) - she could sit securely and be protected from unclean surfaces (I would carry a small container of Disinfectant wipes to clean her seat off each time we used it in a public restroom).

I highly recommend this Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer!

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