Sunday, August 22, 2010

Intex Play n' Learn Baby Pool

Intex Play n' Learn Baby Pool

Intex Play n' Learn Baby Pool
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I bought this for my 18 month old son to use on our deck. It is great for this kind of set up since it has an inflatable bottom. He loves this pool! The sides are high enough to keep water in, but low enough for him to climb in and out safely and independently. He also loves this pool inside. When we are not using it, we have it inside filled with a few stuffed animals and he dives into it and rolls around in it. It would be great with balls in it for inside use as well. Seems pretty sturdy - I've only blown it up once and it has stayed inflated for about 3 weeks now. He plays in it everyday, mostly inside and it has been great. Well worth the $9.99 I spent!

Buy new: $9.99 Intex Play n' Learn Baby Pool

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