Friday, October 2, 2009

Bathroom Safety : Mommy's Helper Toilet Seat Lid-Lok

I love this secure and easy to use toilet lock.

I used this lid lock with my toddler from 10 months until 3 years. The best thing about it, is that it works well, but does not have to be attached with adhesive, so it can be installed and removed easily for use or cleaning. I think that the previous reviewer must have had a strange potty, or more likely, just had it installed improperly. If used properly, it clamps onto the rim of the potty without being permanently attached. I found it was difficult to remove, and couldn't remove it just by pulling. It also doesn't rattle if it's installed on the front half of the toilet and NOT under the little buttons that keep the seat off of the rim. I have tried it on a variety of toilets. We were able to have a spare for travel, so every toilet was safe. I really can't understand what went wrong for the previous reviewer. I wish I could help her try to install it so it would work. There are two sizes of clamps to fit different sizes of toilet rims, I found I had to use one for our very old upstairs potty and the other for the more modern downstairs potty. You HAVE to clamp them tightly on the rim though, or it won't work, and would certainly rattle. Maybe that was the problem.

The base is a clamp that's adjustable to fit the rim of the toilet tightly. Then there's a swing-up/down latch that clamps over the lid and seat keeping both of them down. You have to lift two buttons at the same time as you lift the latch, I found I could easily do it with one hand while holding a newborn, but my toddler, who could easily defeat all of our cabinet, drawer, and door locks just couldn't do it. Because I did it one handed the trick wasn't obvious.

Well, I recommend this to all my friends, and will buy more for my new house.

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