Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time Out Pad - Blue

Time Out Pad - Blue

When I first saw this item honestly I laughed however a week later I ended up purchasing it. As a mother of four very young children I have a tendency of putting children in time out but getting distracted by life. As a result two things happen: One my toddler will sneak out and I don't realize it till much later or Two they end up in time way too long. This pad solved both problems, it alerts me if my toddler tries to escape and it sings a fun song when time out is over so that I can talk with my children.

The Time Out Pad is a pressure sensitive pad with a built in timer that helps parents monitor time outs. This simply works by adjusting the timer for one to five minutes and by pressing the start button. Its countdown will start when the child sits on the Time Out Pad and if the child stands up before the countdown has ended, an alarm sounds until they sit back down.

This features red, yellow, and green lights that provide a visual countdown signaling the last 30 seconds of the time out. The Time Out Pad comes with a positive parenting guide including 5 steps to successful time outs. It requires two AA batteries which are not included.

Buy $19 Time Out Pad - Blue

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